Last night, I dreamed I was eating macarons, in all sizes, flavors and colors. I must have eaten thousands in my dreams. I guess I have a craving for them. If only they weren’t so difficult to make! But they do give me something to look forward to in Paris (among other things). September will be here, after all, before I know it.

I also had a dream I was making out with David Tennant. Talk about random. I’ve managed to live a Tennant-free life for the past month (maybe), and yet, I still have those dreams occasionally. Needless to say, I’m not complaining.

Anyway, today was a squeal-worthy day. Yesterday, I posted on my blog about Brent Spiner’s Fresh Hell web series. I feature a new web series every Wednesday and this is one that I’ve been watching regularly and love (it’s so funny!). I sent him a tweet about it and in his lovely person fashion, he sent me a Twitter Direct Message saying Thank You. Isn’t that sweet? I’m still reeling from the little Happy Birthday I got last year, but WHAT A GREAT FREAKIN’ GUY!

I have to say that the sci-fi celebrities sure seem a lot nicer than other actors/actresses. Most seem to be a great group of people.

Also, the only Star Trek con I have ever been to and probably will ever go to was supposed to have Brent as a guest. But he didn’t show (prior commitments or something – I think he was on Broadway at the time). I’m going to say the tweets have more than made up for that.

I am officially registered for next year’s Gallifrey One, as well. I was debating not going, but I knew I couldn’t bear the thought of missing it. I have way too much fun. I am dreading the crowd that next year might bring, but I know it will still be fun. And I need a new costume, so I’m trying to figure out what I want to play. I’m thinking if I can find the write striped shirt, with my hair the way it is, I could easily cosplay Susan from the very first season. I’d only have to worry about everything being black & white (since those were the days of B&W t.v.), right? But we shall see. It depends on what mood (and what budget) strikes me.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. I’m getting used to working Monday – Friday now and so have been taking weekends off. So the Memorial Day three-day weekend is going to be something I have not done, probably since I last worked in an office. I have NO plans, except to stay indoors out of the heat, but I think I’ll go see Men in Black 3 and watch some movies that have been sitting in my Netflix Q. And I do want to finish editing my novel. I got behind because I had to spend some of my time I set back for writing on two DVICE articles, but now I’m back to it. I’m so close to the end. And still terrified. But some of you, who have volunteered, will have a copy in hand, potentially soon.

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