Today, I started looking through my Paris “To Do” list and decided to get a few things knocked off. Although it wasn’t on the list, I knew that a new carry-on bag had to be in order. I have one I really like, but it has to be actually carried (it doesn’t have wheels) and being that my back is very touchy these days, I thought the last thing I needed was to be in Paris and be in pain because I had this heavy bag on my shoulder all day.

So I found the exact carry-on that I already have with wheels on eBags. And even better, it should fit on my bigger bag when I’m carrying both. Fortunately, my apartment in Paris is very easy to get to via the RER and Metro and the one change I have is literally getting off of one train, walking across the platform and catching the next train to Gare de Lyon (which actually has working escalators – a rarity in many Paris metro stations). I’m sure my back and body will thank me:

I also went ahead and ordered an extra battery for my phone. I love my phone, but it sucks up juice quickly. And if I take photos? It sucks it up even faster. Being that my phone is now my primary camera, too (although I will take my good camera to Paris and use it some), I knew I needed an extra battery so that I won’t have to worry about the thing going dead on me mid-day (like it tended to do at Gallifrey One this past year). I considered an extended battery, but those things add bulk and weight to the phone.

Next up? I need a new neck pillow for the flight (it’s on my Amazon wishlist if someone wants to buy me an early birthday present… hint, hint) and a new pair of black stretchy pants (maybe yoga pants) for the flight itself. Yes, I like to dress fashionable in Paris, but on the plane? I found out last year that jeggings are NOT comfortable enough to get any sleep in-flight. I can pair the stretchy pants with a comfy stretchy shirt, a sweater and a scarf and ballet flats, though, and pull it off, right?

Only 83 days to go!

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