If you’ve read any of the posts here on my website, you’ll be like wait, what? This isn’t new! I’ve read some of this before. That’s probably because I integrated my travel journal into this site, as well, because I wanted all of my journal/blog to be in one place. It just makes more sense, right?

But the domain is new, as is the website itself. If there’s anything you’d like to see, just ask. Also, I will be cross-posting to my LiveJournal and Good Reads, so you can choose how to read my blog. I’m all about the choices!

Also, if you have not yet seen these Bootheel Community Theatre hilarious photos over at Facebook, have a peek. These are from rehearsals and promo for our upcoming show “And Then There Were Nun.” It’s been a blast and I can’t believe it will be over next weekend.

Next up? Paris in September. And boy, am I ready for that vacation! There are pastries and chocolates calling out my name…

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