I’ve been looking at my schedule for 2015 and it seems I have a busy year, including one stint as a celebrity guest for a convention. But I’ve got a lot of conventions to attend this year, starting with the one that started it all: Gallifrey One.

Yes, for the fifth (or is it sixth or seventh, I forget) year, I’m attending the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles. But I’m not just attending it, I’m also covering it for Tech Times and Tech Times T-Lounge. So I’ll be working. However, I’m arriving in Southern California four days early to partake in The Happiest Place On Earth, Disneyland, too (yes, I’m immunized against the measles). So look forward to those blog posts where I talk about all the beignets and Dole Whips I’ve consumed.

After that, in March, is Con GT. Now this is the first Doctor Who con in my immediate area (this means I can drive there in three hours). Not only am I attending Con GT, though. I’m also a guest! See?

Isn’t that exciting?

April is a month off, but I’ll be busy preparing costumes for Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con. I’ll also be covering that as press.

June brings both summer and my annual trip to Metropolis, IL for the Superman Celebration. I made a lot of friends there last year, so I’m really looking forward to it this year.

Fortunately, I get a little bit of break in July, although late August is taking me to Munich for my annual European vacation. But I’m back to work in September with Wizard World Nashville Comic Con, which I’ll be covering for Tech Times T-Lounge.

That’s the end of con season, but October brings the Syfy Digital Press Tour, and I hope to attend again this year. Last year was wonderful and magical and all things puppies and kittens and I met some really great people and got some great info. on some cool television series for work.

Fortunately, I rest during the holidays, usually spending that time putting together costumes for the next year.

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