I have a new computer! YAY! I don’t even remember if I posted about getting it, but things have been hectic. I really haven’t even had a chance to put the new machine through the paces yet. But I am ready for the next open beta weekend of The Secret World. Oh, and Photoshop opens within the blink of an eye – that’s definitely new.

So I’ve been taking time away from the novel (I’ll start thinking about a cover next week and getting it formatted for people to read) and working on my French instead. I got as far as I could through my old high school books and online tutorials, so I signed up for LiveMocha. I figure I’ll pay for about three months because I really need to work on my comprehension. I speak pretty decent French, but as to understanding those Parisians who speak faster than I can possibly think, I need to work on my listening. I gave LiveMocha a test run earlier and liked it enough to pay $9.95/month for it until I get a bit more conversational.

After that, I have no idea how to retain my knowledge of French. Except to move to Paris. *cough* Hey, a girl can dream!

Also, rehearsals for the play are going really well. Between that and work, I don’t have a lot of free time, but I like things like that. That will make the next month fly and hopefully, so, too, will the summer. Which I hate. It’s been entirely too warm here already. And then September will be right around the corner and I’ll be standing under the Eiffel Tower again with a box of macarons and a bottle of wine.

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